Colne Valley produces another 40lb common carp

Former Drennan Cup holder Darran Goulder helped himself to a new personal-best carp this week in the form of a cracking 41lb 4oz common from a tough Colne Valley venue.

Fishing only his eighth session at the low-stock 10-acre lake, the
25-year-old decided to target an area of the venue that was being ignored by most of the other anglers present.

After locating a plateau at 50yds range, he offered a snowman presentation consisting of a 20mm bottom bait and a 15mm pop-up over a scattering of freebies in a silt patch at the front of the feature, and received the all-important take in the early hours of the morning.

“I’d originally joined the lake with the intention of fishing for some of the other species it holds, but decided to have a little dabble for the resident carp,” he told Angling Times.

“It’s a very weedy lake, so I had to make sure the lead would be ditched on the take. After a decent scrap, I could hear the fish wallowing on the surface in the darkness.

“When I got it in the net I could see it was a decent carp, but as I’d never seen a forty on the bank before I had no idea just how big it was. I had to weigh it twice just to make sure!” he added.

The Kent-based graphic  designer and Shimano consultant smashed his previous personal best of 34lb 8oz with an ESP Two Tone hooklink knotless-knotted to a size 8 longshank hook.