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Choose from one of the following eight great free gifts:

1 Captor Silver 2.5lb Carp Rod

New for 2009, this powerful, 2.5lb test curve carp rod is perfect for day ticket commons and mirrors. The through action allows you to play fish with confidence while there’s plenty of power for casting out PVA bags and carp leads with ease. EVA handles and screw reel seat.

RRP £59.99 Code: PTAA


2 Eurorunner Excel 500 freespool reel

Designed for carp, specimen and barbel fishing, the Eurorunner freespool reel is one of the UK’s best-selling reels and features a powerful gearing and large capacity, long cast spool for extra distance.

The 5.1:1 gear ratio is matched with a balanced handle and super sensitive drag system, anti-reverse and easy to use freespool lever. Spare spool supplied.

RRP £39.99 Code: PTAB


3 Weighlite 65lb scales with light

Housed in a tough, water resistant case these new scales weigh up to 65lb in 8oz increments. The also boast a switchable light for low light or night sessions and a 1m long tape measure for accurate weighing and measuring your catch.

RRP £14.99 Code: PTAC


4 Pantera Tripod V Roller

Pole anglers will love this superb, sturdy V-shaped pole roller. Features 12ins long foam rollers and is fully adjustable thanks to the tripod which has telescoping legs and extending central pole.

RRP £39.99 Code: PTAD


5 Pantera Silver Keepnet and Stink Bag

Angling Foundation Approved, 10ft long keepnet which is perfect for all commercial fisheries.

Strong, fine mesh with large, fully adjustable, tilt top ring and stake out rings for perfect positioning in the water. Supplied with a zipped stink bag.

RRP £39.99 Code: PTAE


6 Argenta X Powercast 12ft Waggler Rod

These 12ft, three-piece float rods are ideal for commercial fisheries where big fish are present. The Powercast Waggler will easily chuck out a pellet waggler or splasher float but still retains a sensitivity for using light lines too.

Slim EVA handle, screw reel seat with lined guides throughout and finished in a classic matt black.

RRP £59.99 Code: PTAF


7 Multi Bait Waiter plus Bait Box Pack

A great bait station for the summer! The main waiter is supplied with two square bait boxes and also features a deep tray for other bait tubs and pots plus rig and tackle accessories.

This set also comes with five extra bait boxes – two 2pint. and three 1pint boxes.

RRP £14.99 Code: PTAG


8 A pack of 72 Stainless Wire traces

If you’re a predator angler then you can’t afford to be without wire traces. Ideal for perch, pike and zander fishing with lures, deadbaits and on float or leger rigs too.

This set consists of 72 stainless, coated traces with swivels at one end and snaplink at the other for easy use. Three lengths – 6ins, 9ins, and 12ins  - in each pack.

RRP £27 Code: PTAH

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