Charity provides accessible fishing breaks for disabled anglers

Anglers with physical disabilities can continue to indulge their passion for fishing, thanks to accessible Fishing Breaks organised by national disability charity Vitalise.

Wheelchair users or people with restricted mobility, who may have difficulty finding suitable places to fish or who need practical support, can enjoy fully accessible angling venues, expert instruction, adapted transport and the support of volunteers on Vitalise’s special Fishing Breaks.

Fishing Weeks take place at Vitalise’s centres in Essex and Nottingham at various times throughout the year.  The next Fishing Breaks are at Vitalise Skylarks in Nottingham on 5 and 12 September this year.  There are still a few places available and guests can choose from a one or two week break.  The anglers will be taken to a number of different accessible angling venues during their stay.

In addition to their days out angling, guests will be able to enjoy Vitalise’s fully accessible Centres in beautiful rural locations, with full board, 24-hour care on-call and personal support.

Stroke survivor and keen angler Malcolm Le-Hair, 62, of Grantham, recently enjoyed a Fishing Break at Vitalise Skylarks.  He said: “I had not fished for a number of years and believed I would never do this sport again.  However I decided to attend the Fishing Fortnight on my respite break and this was the best decision I have ever made as it gave me the confidence to continue with a sport I had always loved.  I could not wish for a better group of people than those who supported me. I soon found the confidence and enthusiasm to fish again. I found that after taking part in this activity my confidence in other areas also improved. 

“I have made great friends and met some inspiring people who can relate to what I have been through. We support each other, which has helped to raise my own self-esteem, and I hope that I have helped other people in the same way.  Without Vitalise I would never have achieved my skills as a fisherman.  Fishing in my opinion has helped me with balance and co-ordination and has given me confidence to interact with other people socially.”

For more information about Vitalise Fishing Breaks, people can call Vitalise on 0845 345 1970, email or visit

Vitalise is a national charity providing short breaks for disabled people and carers, with 24-hour nursing care on-call and personal support, at four UK Centres.  A fifth Centre provides accessible activity breaks for groups of disabled adults and children. 

Vitalise also runs a range of holidays and activity breaks in the UK and abroad for visually impaired people, and inspirational opportunities for over 6,000 volunteers who help at Vitalise Centres each year.