'Catching the Impossible' set for terrestrial TV

Hugh Miles’ and Martin Bowler’s new series Catching the Impossible could hit terrestrial TV screens some time next year, Angling Times can reveal.

Following the success of Jeremy Wade’s River Monsters on ITV, which has seen viewing figures peak at over 4m in recent weeks, the pair’s ground-breaking series looks set to continue the trend after it was put into the hands of bosses at Channel 4.

Hugh, an award-winning wildlife film-maker and the man behind the most successful angling series ever, A Passion For Angling, has set up a meeting with C4’s commissioning editors next week to discuss getting ‘Catching’ on TV.

And it’s hoped that the series, which features stunning underwater filming, together with the capture of 3lb river roach, 40lb carp, 30lb pike and huge perch well over the 5lb mark, could boost the long-awaited resurgence of our sport by bringing it to a much wider audience.

“I gave the first set of ‘Catching’ DVDs to a commissioning editor at Channel 4 and she really enjoyed watching it with her whole family. Now I’m hoping to have a meeting with Channel 4 next week,” Hugh told Angling Times.

“Things are looking far more positive for angling on terrestrial. If Jeremy Wade’s River Monsters series has been getting peak viewing figures of around four million, then you can be sure TV executives from all the channels will have sat up and taken notice,” he added.

Following five years of hard work and dedication, Hugh and Martin’s new series has been extremely well received and celebrated by the thousands of anglers who have bought the DVDs.

Well over 7,000 copies of the first three-disc set of ‘Catching’ have now been sold since its release in October 2008 and sales of the second series have also gone well since they were released in July.

Now the complete set of nine discs is available to buy and, with a strong possibility of mainstream exposure, Hugh is confident that his latest offering will follow in the footsteps of the awe-inspiring ‘Passion’ series in helping encourage another whole generation of anglers into the sport.

“We sold lots of complete sets at the recent Carp Show at Sandown and it was fantastic to have so many anglers come up to us, praising the series and work we’ve done,” said Hugh.

“Fishing programmes deserve to reach a wider audience than they currently do and I’m sure it would be of great benefit to the sport as a whole if we can get another fishing series shown on terrestrial TV,” he added.