Carp angler catches huge eel by mistake

If there were prizes for honesty in angling, Adrian Miles would be at the top of the podium after admitting to 'fluking’ this monster 7lb 13oz eel while carp fishing at a busy day-ticket water in Lincolnshire.

The forklift truck driver was enjoying a session at Chapel Boat Lake, on the Lakeside Leisure complex near Skegness, when he foul-hooked the specimen while retrieving a zig rig intended for carp.

But it wasn’t until the creature neared the bank that Adrian (44), from Ilkeston in Derbyshire, suddenly realised what he was attached to.

“I’d had a few carp and was reeling in to have a recast when the line went solid before tearing off. Five minutes later I had the fish in front of me, and then this huge long tail started coming up in the water. It took a few moments before I realised I had foul-hooked an eel in the tail!”

“There must be plenty of eel anglers out there who would love to catch such a fine creature - I know I’ll certainly never catch another so big. The guy who helped me photograph and measure it said it could be over 50 years old.

As a real angler, it makes me shudder with humbleness at this magnificent fish,” said Adrian.