Carp angler breaks the British bream record with huge 22lb 9oz fish

The British bream record has been broken by big-fish specialist Mark McKenna with a stunning fish of 22lb 9oz. This beats the previous record bream weight by a huge leap of 2lb 15oz.

He caught the massive bream - which Mark and fishery bailiffs think is exactly the same fish as the previous record - from Ferry Lagoon in Cambridgeshire while fishing for carp.

Although not targeting bream specifically, Mark was absolutely overjoyed with the capture: "This has to be one of the highlights of my fishing career. The run seemed very odd indeed - nothing like a typical carp bite - and after striking I knew I had hooked in to something very special indeed, especially when it surfaced in the margins. It's made my year!"

Captor Mark, who comes from Herefield, Middlesex and owns Baitcraft, took the specimen on one of his own T1 pop-up boilies intended for carp.

The fish was weighed on Mark's set of Fox Digital scales and weighed again upon the bailiff's scales to double check its huge bulk.

Full details of the capture can be found in Angling Times and for an in-depth on-the-bank video interview with Mark McKenna, click HERE.