Bury St Edmunds fishing tackle shop haunted

The credit crunch may be the most pressing concern for the majority of the population, but workers at a popular Suffolk tackle shop have an altogether ‘spookier’ problem constantly looming over them.

Bury St Edmunds’ outlet Tackle Up - a family run business that operates in a building formerly used as a funeral parlour - is being hailed as the nation’s most haunted fishing outlet after a series of ghoulish incidents.

Staff and customers at the shop have witnessed countless eerie episodes over the last few years, including bags of groundbait flying off the shelves, rods rattling furiously in their holders and unexplainable heavy footsteps on the stairs leading to the shop’s stock room.

Owners Rachael Godfrey and Emma Baldwin first became suspicious about a ghostly presence in 2007 and became so concerned they decided to enlist the services of a psychic medium to get to the root of the problem.

After much deliberation, the medium helped put the sisters’ minds at rest, and Emma told Angling Times: “We were told that our grandfather, great grandfather and three other relatives who died were refusing to ‘move on’ and were basically making sure the business stayed within the family.” “I have always believed in ghosts, and over the past few years we have grown used to their presence. It doesn’t frighten Rachael or myself, but some of our other staff feel uncomfortable.

Sometimes, when they enter the warehouse, they claim the temperature plummets dramatically - it seems to be the spirit’s way of making them feel unwelcome!” “The fact that the shop used to be a funeral parlour adds to the whole mystery.

Apparently, a hanging took place in our stock room once, and the room also used to hold the dead bodies when it was a mortuary,” added Emma.

Other family members have witnessed bizarre shadows and movements on the store’s CCTV cameras. However, they have also found the ghost’s presence to be beneficial to the performance of the business at times, as Rachael and Emma’s dad Rick Nunn explained.

“I’ve lost count of the amount of times I’ve gone into the stockroom and the item I’m after is sat in front of me or suddenly topples into sight. It’s as though the spirits are clued up on what product I am looking for!”