British match fishing record holder: 700lb weights are possible

Big-weight expert Gary Huth took an incredible 507lb net during a recent match at Kent’s Hawkhurst Fishery, and has now set his sights on surpassing his own 661lb record, set at Rockells Farm, Essex, in August 2007.

Shunning conventional pellet and paste tactics, Gary opted for Pro-Master Pro Paste on the hook, but fed several pints of maggots and 2kg of Explosive X groundbait to whip the fish into a feeding frenzy.

It’s a tactic that the Ilford-based ace has spent over a decade enhancing, and he told AT: “I’ve been winning matches with the paste and maggots combo for over 10 years and it’s a method I like to think I’ve perfected. The fish get preoccupied on pellets at times, but feeding maggots stops this and also reduces the amount of line bites.”

Pundits have now backed Gary to go all the way and annihilate his own match best. He added: “I fish four or five venues where it would be possible, and I can confidently predict I will break the 700lb barrier this year. I went along for a nice day’s fishing at Hawkhurst, so I wasn’t taking it too seriously. I had over 350 fish and I reckon I could easily have added at least another 100lb.”

It’s not just Gary who has been smashing records by thinking outside the box, with Paul Law taking an incredible 360lb of carp during an event at High Flyer Lake in Ely, Cambs.

The J&B Tackle rod took the biggest weight the venue has seen this year after he fed several pints of pellets in a bid to imitate fish eggs that the carp were gorging themselves on.