Bread conquers all on Tunnel Barn


Breadflake and mashed bread is one of the all-time classic bait combinations among river anglers, but one match ace has been using the budget recipe to carry all before him in recent events.

Redditch, Worcs-based Paul Newell has become almost untouchable at his local Tunnel Barn Farm Fishery, and last week used £2.50 worth of Tesco’s cheapest white bread to record his biggest ever catch - an impressive 233lb 5oz - beating second place by almost 90lb.

The 54-year-old carpenter believes more anglers should try his low-cost approach to matches. He said: “I hate spending vast sums on baits like pellets or chopped worm, so bread is a perfect, cheap solution. It’s not often that you find a bait that’s affordable, easy to use and one of the most successful and proven fish-catchers in the world.”

Paul’s preparation for matches begins the night before, when he soaks a few loaves of budget bread in a large bucket of water. Turning this ‘mash’ into a match-winning groundbait on the morning of the event couldn’t be simpler, as he explained.
“I put the soggy bread in an old keepnet on my lawn and mash it up with my feet just like you would if crushing grapes for making wine.

“This ensures that all the air is squeezed out. When this is mixed with a little water by the lake, it’s perfect for feeding in walnut-sized balls.”

Paul revealed that fish literally swarm to the enticing cloud created by the free offering, and then home in on his breadflake hookbait, which is suspended in the upper layers of the water beneath a simple pole rig incorporating a light float and often no shot at all.

He is also adamant that his simple method is by no means a ‘one water wonder’, which he proved just a day after taking his big Tunnel Barn weight.

“I fancied a change of scenery, so took my bread approach to Maver Larford Lakes and beat an experienced field of regulars with 155lb 5oz of carp. It just shows how versatile the tactic is,” said Paul.