Bluebell Lakes produces 16lb 12oz bream to Leicester angler

When he arrived at Bluebell Lakes, Simon Hogan’s bream pb stood at a mere 2lb, but when he left the fishery 72 hours later he had obliterated it with this specimen  of 16lb 12oz.

Targeting the Northamptonshire day-ticket complex’s 20-acre Mallard Lake, Simon began his session by locating a clear spot at 40yds range, over which he spodded a veritable feast consisting of hemp, pellets, maize, tuna and luncheon meat.

Although the Leicester-based carpenter had set his stall out for the venue’s carp, he wasn’t complaining when the first bite of his trip resulted in a 9lb 8oz bream. A few carp to just under double figures then graced his net, before a couple of bleeps on his alarm the following morning saw him connect with the huge slab.

“At first I didn’t think I was actually attached to a fish, as it felt more like I was winding in a load of weed,” he said.

“When I got it closer to the bank I felt a couple of dull thuds down the line, and then I saw a huge bream coming towards the net. I doubt I’ll ever catch a better fish.”

The business end of the  42-year-old’s rig consisted of a Mainline Fusion Dumbell boilie hookbait tipped with a piece of artificial corn and mounted on a size 8 Korda Wide Gape hook and a supple braided hooklink.