Biggest restocking in history for the River Trent

Four sections of the upper River Trent received the UK’s biggest-ever restocking in a single day last week with the introduction of 17,000 Calverton-reared fish, helping to boost numbers depleted by recent pollution incidents.

The Environment Agency’s fish farm in Nottinghamshire supplied 4,000 barbel, 2,000 chub, 5,000 dace and 6,000 roach which were stocked at Stone Slalom Course, Weston, Shugborough and Wolseley Bridge.

The efforts of the fish-rearing team at Calverton mean that the pollution-ravaged waterway, most recently hit by cyanide poisoning in October, will have been restocked with 85,000 fish in the three months to Christmas.

“This is the biggest restocking programme Calverton has ever carried out ¬ they have emptied the farm’s stock ponds in an effort to speed up the Trent’s recovery,” explained an EA spokesperson.

Many of the fish are grown-on, older fish which have the best chance of surviving to sexual maturity and spawning the next generation of Trent fish.

This winter, Calverton will stock more than a million fish into rivers across England and Wales.