Barry Hearn shows Terry he can catch decent river carp

People are probably more used to seeing pictures of his son Terry holding specimen carp, but Barry Hearn has proved that he’s also a dab hand at catching the species with this cracking 35lb 12oz mirror from the River Thames.

Following a two-week baiting campaign prior to the start of the season, the Surrey-based builder caught his biggest-ever river carp during his first night session on a local stretch of the waterway.

“Like most river carp it tore off and gave a really good account of itself,” he told AT.

“At one point, though, I had several branches caught on the line, and I wasn’t sure if the fish was still on the end. Thankfully, these eventually pinged off, allowing me to safely net it without any real problems.”

He tempted the stunning specimen with a snowman rig consisting of a Dynamite Baits Red Fish bottom bait and pop-up, attached to a Drennan Continental Boilie hook and a 25lb Prologic Reptilian hooklink.

Another angler enjoying some memorable fishing on the Thames is Dave McKay who netted his first ever river carp in the form of a 35lb common.

The Epsom, Surrey-based rod tempted the fish from a set of overhanging trees on a tributary of the lower Thames where he’d seen several fish rolling.

He said: “The rod had been in the water for less than an hour when it screamed off, and the fish repeatedly dived for every available bit of cover. After about 20 minutes it rolled on the surface, and I knew I was connected to the biggest carp I’d ever caught.

“I fish the Thames regularly, but this is by far the most impressive fish I’ve had, and I’ll doubt I’ll ever better it.”

A 14mm halibut pellet presented on a 12lb Fox Mega Silk hooklink over a bed of mixed-sized pellets proved the winning combination for Dave.