Bait-Tech launches another new Method carp and specimen fish groundbait

Bait-Tech has launched a new Method mix for 2009 called Envy – and it is in the shops now.

It follows on from the hugely successful Voodoo Method mix that proved very popular in 2008 and quickly established itself as one of the best Method feeder groundbaits on the market. And thanks to an exclusive formula we are sure that Envy will quickly do the same.

The crumb is made from a base of hemp and halibut pellets with the addition of high-grade fishmeals and fresh fish to enhance its aroma and make it even more attractive to fish.

On the bag it states that Envy is a Method mix, but don’t let that fool you. It is far more than that, and when mixed on the dry side it makes a perfect groundbait for cramming into a cage feeder.

To get the most from the potent mix Bait-Tech advises that you mix the groundbait the night before and then riddle it before use so that there is plenty of air in it and you can easily squeeze it around a feeder. It’s easy to mix, and once you’ve added the water it turns a greeny brown colour.

You get 2kg of groundbait in each bag with each bag costing £4.99