Another pb chub from the River Wye

A few weeks back I was lucky enough to beat my Chub PB twise in the space of a week with fish of 5lb 14oz and 6lb 3oz both caught from my club stretch of the River Wye at Symonds Yat.

When I landed the 6lb+ Chub I also pulled out of what I thought was another good fish - litte did I know I was about to find out exactly what I had lost.

On ariving at the bank I was greeted with a slight frost and a clear sky - not the most favourable conditions but with the tranquil setting of the Wye valley I would enjoy the session that bit more with the sun illuminating the spectacular back drop.

On arrival at my chosen swim I quickly identified a few key features in the form of a large crease mid-river and a half-submerged tree that had been torn out during a flood and deposited in a back eddy making a temporary home for the resident Chub population.

I quickly set up the rods and cast to the features.

For this session I changed my feeder from my normal choice to the new Drennan Inl-ine maggot feeder slightly modified with a pair of scissors to become an open end feeder to carry a mix of pellet and stodgey goundbait.

This was fished in conjunction with a ten inch Drennan micro braid hooklength tied knotless knot style to a size ten Super Specialist hook.

After a few casts I started to have knocks on the rod positioned mid-river next to the crease.

A few twitches and the rod hooped over as a Chub hooked itself against the weight of the feeder.

After applying steady pressure the fish neered the bank.

As the fish neered the bank it made a final bid for freedom and tried to deposit the hook in a snag on my own bank.

Applying side strain I coxed the fish toward the net and after a short tustle the fish was in the net.

Resting the fish in a slack I readied the unhooking mat scales and camera.

Removing the fish from the margins and placing it on the unhooking mat I was able to admire the largest chub that I have set eyes on.

Obviously you see Chub of a much larger size in the paper but to witness a fish of this caliber in the flesh was a real pleasure and is what inspires us to go fishing in the first place.

While unhooking the fish I noticed another hook matching the one firmly lodged in the scissors.

It was the fish I had lost on a previous visit.

Putting the fish on the scales it went 6lb 12oz and yet another PB had been achieved.

After a few quick photos the fish was returned and I was left to take in the splenders of the Wye valley and decide on a new stretch of the river that could produce a chub of even larger proportions.

I think the Biblins could produce the goods as fish of over the magical 7lb mark have been taken previously.

Let's hope this cold snap doesn't last too long and we have a few milder days then the fishing should really start to come on.