Angler set on fire after lightning strike

An angler walking around his local fishery with his dog was set on fire after sheltering under a tree and being struck by lightning.

Brad Gifford, a bricklayer from Kettering, was visiting popular Northamptonshire day-ticket trout fishery Elinor, near Aldwincle, when he was struck on his left earlobe by 300,000 volts of electricity that exited from his left ankle.

His heart stopped a number of times as anglers and fishery owner Ed Foster administered CPR until a paramedic arrived. Brad was eventually airlifted to hospital and is on the way to a full recovery after successful skin grafts on his neck and chest.

“I was only 6ft away from him when he was struck and I was blinded by white light and deafened by the bang,” Ed told Angling Times.

“The next thing I saw was the right side of his chest on fire. His eyes were closed and he was standing bolt upright. Then he suddenly keeled over.

“We were sheltering from the rain in a copse of trees and had only heard one roll of thunder 20 minutes before Brad was hit, and that was miles and miles away. He’s since returned to the scene of the accident on crutches, but he can’t remember a thing about what happened,” added Ed.