Amazing new bivvy design set to take carp world by storm

True innovation in angling products is a rare commodity indeed, but in this new Torsion Bivvy the design team at Greys have really surpassed themselves.
The Greys-patented Spyda Wynda bivvy erection system looks to be light years ahead of its time, and could well be considered to be the way forward with regard to modern-day bivvy design.
There’s no tricky alignment of elasticated connecting arms, no pegs to place out, no complex supporting rod fitment system and absolutely no fuss.
All you need to do is lock the four main body rods into position, grab the handle and wind-up the free-standing bivvy, and you can do that in less time than it takes to tie on a hook.
Once erected, the Greys Torsion Bivvy offers the definitive shelter in terms of flexibility, stability and protection. For the specimen-hunter it could be described as the ultimate in bivvy systems.
The unique design features an extended draught skirt that is particularly useful on uneven ground or for when you need to go ultra-lightweight and keep on the move without having to lug around the heavy duty groundsheet and T bars that come as standard with the bivvy package.
The shelter provides ample room inside for a single, wide bedchair, with copious room still available for tackle, food and all the other items required for a comfortable session. In that sense it is more than the usual one-man bivvy.
A storm-peaked front provides extra protection against the elements, while the three different versions of door panel include a handy full screen mozzie mesh front for those warm summer nights.
Extra rigidity on the main frame is provided by two easy, quick-fit door tension bars that are also included in the package. Another unique design application  is the Torsion’s ability to instantly varty in both height and width to suit changing weather conditions.
Is there any downside to this unique bivvy? The crucial deciding factor could well be the price at £599.99.
But if you want the very best, and need to stay adaptable and highly mobile once you arrive on the bank, than the Greys Torsion could be just the bivvy for you.