A superb trip to Drayton Reservoir

A recent trip to Drayton Reservoir turned out to be as good as it always is... plenty of carp to the 15lb mark, no 20s, and even a couple of pike caught on the retrieve proved to be quite a shock.

The only down side was my friend landing wrongly on his ankle while returning a carp to the water, as the water level was a bit low we had to get on the banking to release the fish. Not a major issue at all, and a massive thanks goes out to Angi, the assistant manager, who aided my friend with improvised first aid - a bag of frozen chips. This certainly helped ease his swollen ankle, so a huge thanks to her for assisting.

All in all we had a great overnight session and one we will be doing again very soon.

Drayton Reservoir must be one of the most friendly venues I have visited, no grumpy anglers, everyone has time for everyone, and the managers are always more than accomodating.

A huge 10 out of 10, great venue, friendly staff, many thanks

John from Leeds

PS. My friend's ankle wasnt broken - just badly bruised