90lb 4oz mirror carp shakes world record


Famous fishery boss Rob Hales has come within a mere 12oz of breaking the world carp record by banking this colossal 90lb 4oz mirror from Rainbow Lake in France.
The huge specimen, known as The Steve Briggs Fish, came on the final day of The Monument Fishery owner’s seven day session and was the highlight of a 27-carp haul made by himself and his angling companion, which included other fish to 59lb 14oz.

The former record venue had already produced eight different 60lb-plus specimens that week and, with several carp in the area he was targeting from swim 1, Rob knew the chances of ending the session with a whacker were good.

“I’d been getting constant liners when the rod-tip eventually pulled over and, even with the clutch set tight, the fish still pulled line off the reel,” Rob told Angling Times.

“After playing the fish for 20 minutes from the bank I hadn’t made any headway, so took to the boat as it was starting to get close to a set of snags,” he added.

As soon as he had the carp in the net he knew he’d caught something a bit special, but he still had no idea just how big his prize was.

“At first I thought it was probably a seventy, but then another angler recognised which fish it was and I started thinking it could go mid-eighty,” said Rob.

“When we hoisted it up on the scales, it bent the first weigh bar! On the second go, I watched in disbelief as the needle settled on 90lb 4oz,” he said.

The Shropshire-based fishery owner made his historic catch with an SBS M1 pop-up mounted on a 35lb Kryston Quicksilver hooklink and size 2 Gamakatsu G Point hook.

He presented his hookbait over a bed of 4kg of boilies, together with a good helping of hemp, sweetcorn and Hinders Nutz Sludge.

The huge mirror, which is only the second 90lb-plus carp ever caught, last graced the bank in September 2008 at a weight of 84lb.

The fish now looks set to break the current world record of 91lb held by The Scarred Fish from Luke Moffat’s Les Graviers Lake, a fish that was recently banked at a weight of 89lb, making Rob’s carp the biggest known specimen in the world at this time.