86lb 6oz German common carp is new world record

“I still can’t believe this has happened to me, it’s like a dream. If it is, please never wake me up!”

These are the emotional words of German angler Nermin Caro moments after he had banked the new world record common carp at the colossal weight of 86lb 6oz.

The 33-year-old caught the massive fish, known as Mary, from an undisclosed lake in his homeland after taking a few tips from his brother, Emir, who banked the historic specimen himself in 2007.

Nermin said: “Every time I went to my brother’s house, I saw the pictures of Mary hanging on his wall. I asked him a hundred times if I could fish the lake, but he just kept saying how the owners weren’t allowing any new members. Then, a few months ago, Emir called me and said I was allowed a ticket. I was over the moon!”

After the first swim he chose failed to produce the goods, Nermin switched his attention to another, much deeper area which his brother had pinpointed and began a two-week feeding campaign before giving it a try. On his second four-day session in the new swim, he lost a really big fish in a snag, but returned a week later, having baited the swim heavily in the interim. On the third day, Nermin received the all-important take at 2.40pm.

“Straight away, I knew it was a huge fish. It shot straight out into the middle of the lake, but with solid pressure I managed to turn it slowly. After about 20 minutes, I got my first glimpse of the fish – it was the venue’s biggest resident, Mary! My knees started to shake and I just kept mumbling ‘please, please go into my landing net’, which she did at the third time of asking – I couldn’t believe it, she was mine!” he said.

Nermin took the giant fish on a snowman hookbait made from a 26mm Dynamite Baits Red Fish boilie, with a matching 15mm pop-up. He presented this on a 35lb Kryston Quicksilver Gold hooklink, a size 4 Korda Wide Gape X hook, and an 113g Fox inline lead.

Nerim’s catch beat the existing world record common, taken by Dieter Markus Stein in February 2009, by 13oz.