40lb mirror best of nine-fish haul

Some anglers simply have a magical ability to put big hits of fish together, and top carper Max Cottis proved he’s one of the best in the business when he took a nine-fish haul topped by this 40lb 3oz mirror.

Targeting the challenging Grenville’s Carp Fishery in Cambridgeshire, it took the co-owner of Advanced Carp Equipment (ACE) just 48 hours to amass his haul, which included four fish over the 30lb mark to a best of 38lb.

In order to hold the impressive group of fish in his swim, Max introduced 10kg of Mainline Cell boilies supplemented with 20kg of maize and pellets into his chosen pitch on the 72-acre water.

It only took just over an hour before his Mainline Hi Viz pineapple pop-up bought him his first take from a pristine 16lb 11oz fish, which was very soon dwarfed by the biggest fish of his session.

“Many anglers get carried away with fishing tiny pva bags. They do work in the right situation, but if you’re fishing a big lake full of huge hungry fish and you want to catch a few, then it’s vital that you put in enough bait to hold them,” said Max, who lives in Braintree, Essex.

“If you do it right then you can make some truly massive hits. In my last four visits to this amazing water I’ve banked over 100 fish, and more than 30 of them weighed over the 30lb barrier.

“I really think that more anglers would catch bigger hits of carp if they were confident enough to put the bait in. They should give it a try as they might be surprised at their results,” he added.

All his fish were fooled with a hinged stiff rig that was constructed from a prototype ACE Rigamortis hooklink and a size 7 hook.

If you would like to read in detail exactly how Max made his haul, including more details about this incredible venue, then check out the next issue of UKCarp which comes out on September 1 – only in Angling Times.