36lb 10oz mirror best of five fish

Moving to a different area of the lake paid off for Simon Marsh with a five-fish catch, topped by this 36lb 10oz mirror, from Suffolk Water Park’s Specimen Lake.

After finding a group of carp showing in the shallow end of the day-ticket water, the 25-year-old local highway manager offered a snowman presentation at 60yds range with just a handful of freebies, and also banked a pristine common of 31lb 4oz and three twenties to 29lb 3oz.

“I started my session in a swim that had been producing several fish recently, but by the following morning when I hadn’t had so much as a bleep I knew they’d obviously moved out of the area,” he told Angling Times.

“After a quick walk around the lake I found a few carp showing in the shallows, and I’d had a take before I could even get my second rod out. The bites kept on coming, and when I saw I’d hooked the big mirror known as ‘three-point-four’ my legs literally went to jelly, as I’d been hoping to catch it all year.”

All the fish were beaten with ESP Strip Teaze hooklinks and size 8 ESP Raptor Long-Shanx hooks.

Simon has enjoyed a successful season on the venue, and in just 26 nights has managed 63 carp, 16 of which have been over the 30lb barrier.