30lb 1oz grass carp caught from River Thames

River fishing fanatic Tim Hughes experienced the ‘session of his life’ when a three-week pre-baiting campaign resulted in the capture of this stunning 30lb 1oz grass carp.

The 39-year-old, from Malden in Greater London, has been obsessed with the carp population of his local River Thames for over 30 years and called on every bit of his experience to bank his first ever ‘grassy’.

It topped an impressive haul of carp that also featured a brace of ‘twenties’ weighing 28lb 13oz and 22lb 2oz, which the landscape gardener took over four short evening sessions on a stretch of the river’s lower reaches.

Prior to making his memorable catch, Tim visited his swim twice a week for almost a month to deposit a bucketful of particles over a clear gravel spot in about 8ft of water.

It wasn’t long before the resident carp began to show an interest in the free offerings, and in the end it was a critically-balanced tiger nut that proved the winning hookbait.

“Casting into the sheer unknown is what motivates and inspires me, and this grass carp represents everything that I love about fishing the Thames and rivers like it,” said Tim.

“Considering the size of the fish it came in quite easily, but all hell broke loose when it was in the net. It took off like a missile and leapt about a metre in the air - shedding the hook in the net in the process. To say that me and my friend Steven Barnard got it out of the water and on to the mat as quickly as we could is an understatement!” added.