30-Plus launch Robo chair and Stargrip accessory system

This is the first look at the new Robo Chair and Stargrip 360 system about to be launched by specimen fish brand 30 Plus.

Set to hit the shops at the end of August, the Robo Chair is designed to be the ultimate fishing station in terms of comfort and practicality, with a new accessory system tailor-made for the chair.

The robust square aluminium framed armless chair is upholstered in a super hard-wearing material that is comfortably padded. It features fully extending legs with moveable mudfeet, and an easily adjustable back rest.

The chair’s usefulness is advanced by the inclusion of the new Stargrip 360 system, made under license from Middy Tackle.

Stargrip 360 is a cleverly designed, two-piece accessory gadget, that has a single clamp and linking arm section that fits onto the legs.

A separate block fits over the short linking arm, and incorporates a single round fitment with tightening handle which allows the anglers to bolt-on different accessories.

As the name suggests, the Stargrip system can revolve through 360 degrees, with solid interlocking teeth that provide a secure fitting for items such as feeder and keepnet arms, bait waiters and brolly spikes. They can all be fully adjusted to suit the conditions or terrain.

Priced with an RRP of £120 for the pre-fitted ‘fully loaded’ version as pictured, we are reliably informed that if you ‘shop around’ you should get one for as little as £89.99.
This flagship version is supplied with two one-way arms, one feeder arm, a top notch Middy Quiver rest, a U shaped rod butt rest and a decent sized sidetray along with two easy-seal bait-boxes.

A standard Robo-Chair is also available and comes supplied with four of the Stargrip 360 clamp-end only attachments already fitted to the chair, with one on each leg.
Expect to pay around £65.99 for this single configuration.

Middy Stargrip 360 systems can be purchased separately for around £6.99 each.