2011: First feeder World Champs

Feederfishing will feature in the World Championships following last weekend’s meeting of the world matchfishing’s governing body in Rome.

That coming together saw several issues on the agenda ratified for inclusion in future championships, but perhaps the most intriguing is the creation of a world feederfishing event for 2011’s Angling Games in Italy, following a suggestion by South Africa.

The leger and feeder have long been banned in all international competitions, but it is believed that this competition will finally see the tip in use under CIPS rules  ¬ but not everyone is excited by the historic news.

“It all seems a bit of a sideshow to me,” said Dick Clegg, former England boss and representative on the CIPS technical committee.

“The South Africans put the idea forward and it’s been given the go-ahead. The rules and so on are being formulated in the coming months and it’ll make its debut at the 2011 games.

“Will England be sending a team? I’d rather the money was spent on an Under 14 team to help us with bringing on new blood for the senior side.”

So while the powers that be might remain tight-lipped on England’s inclusion, just how would a team from these shores get on against the rest of the world? We’ve always produced exceptional feeder anglers who have never been in the running for England owing to their apparent limited talents on just a couple of methods. This could be their chance to shine.

Former world champion Tommy Pickering has been to South Africa to coach  their team on European match methods and has witnessed feederfishing Springbok style. He was mightily impressed and reckons they could be a team to beat in the event.

“South Africa has what they call bank angling, which is Method feeder fishing used at huge distances,” Tommy said.

“There’s 600,000 anglers that do this over there and they use two hooks. The rules will probably be brought more into line with Europe, but I reckon it’d be a fantastic event and I’m more than interested in getting in the England team, should it happen myself. We’d have a pretty good team!”


England's feeder team?

So who could feature if England sent a team in 2011? The men's team would be occupied with their match, meaning potentially room for five new (or not so new) faces. Here's a few suggestions...


Steve Ringer

Not just a commercial fishery expert! Steve’s feeder tactics make him dangerous opposition on natural bream waters such as Porth Reservoir and Ferry Meadows. He travels abroad every year with five-times world champion Alan Scotthorne to fish Holland, so has learnt from the best.

Phil Ringer

Although perhaps in the shadow of brother Steve, Phil is hard to beat with a tip rod in his hand. He grew up fishing the feeder at the likes of Castle Ashby and Drayton and, like Steve, fishes Holland each year, so is more than comfortable with the tactics needed.

Andy Findlay

‘The Fin’ has made a fearsome name for himself on commercial waters, constantly tinkering and altering existing feeder rigs to make them more efficient. Before his commercial days though, he was no mean natural water ace. An extremely strong feeder angler.

Tommy Pickering

A deadly bream angler long before his 1989 World Champs win, Tommy is champing at the bit to represent England again and would bring a wealth of experience from his years on the Trent and the likes of Worsborough Reservoir in their feederfishing heyday.

Klaus Fix

A little left field but Klaus, despite his name, qualifies for England and has vast knowledge of feederfishing abroadaon huge Dutch, Swedish and German waters and is one of the best in the UK on commercial or natural water