16lb 2oz zander capture proves resistance-free rigs are best

The use of low-resistance running rigs can be the difference between success and failure when targeting zander, as Neil Wilkinson proved when he banked a huge 16lb 2oz fish from a Midlands gravel pit.

After a biteless night during which his alarms remained silent, a few bleeps at 7.20am signalled that the huge predator had made off with  his deadbait.

Like many other zander anglers, the Woking, Surrey- based rod always insists on using freshly killed roach on the hook, but to his surprise it was a frozen tail section that produced the fish ­ which smashes his previous best for the species by 6lb.

"I usually get all of my success with fresh baits and normally don¹t bother with frozen offerings, but it certainly did the trick this time. I suppose it just proves that presenting your baits correctly, in the right spot at the right time, is more important," said Neil.

"If zander feel any resistance they will reject the bait instantly, and the 'Rollback' indicators made by Barry McConnell let the fish move away with the bait without having a clue that it is attached to a rig."

Neil targeted an area just 10 yards from his own bank and beat his quarry with a rig that was constructed from 12lb mainline, a 20lb Drennan trace and a single barbless size 2 ESP Raptor hook.


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