16-carp haul topped by 34lb 4oz specimen

When Craig Parkes settled into a swim with little form for producing numbers of big carp, the last thing he expected was to make an amazing 16-fish haul topped by two heavyweights at 34lb 4oz (right) and 30lb 12oz.

Sport at Shropshire’s Weston Park had been slow the week leading up to the 29-year-old’s visit, but that all changed when his exhausting 48-hour session delivered the brace, along with no fewer than 10 fish over the 20lb barrier and four ‘doubles’.
The PE teacher, from Wolverhampton, decided to concentrate his efforts on a far-margin reed line, and was rewarded almost straight away as the resident fish took a liking to his SBS M1 boilies tipped with ‘corn poppers’ right from the off.

All of Craig’s bites came during daylight hours, and he had the carp at the picturesque venue, that’s owned by carp fishing entrepreneur Rob Hales, feeding in such earnest that he actually ran out of boilies and had to stock up midway through his session.

“The carp had obviously just switched into feeding mode when I got there - it was incredible. I’d taken 4kg of bait with me, but I ended up having to buy another 5kg just to keep the fish coming,” Craig told Angling Times.

“It was a case of being at the right place at the right time - one of those rare sessions where everything comes together perfectly.” All of Craig’s fish fell to blow-back rigs constructed from coated braid hooklinks and size 8 hooks, presented over a scattering of freebies at 80yds.