Visiting anglers to be banned from River Ivel

Anglers are campaigning for a residents only permit to be introduced on a stretch of the River Ivel.

Ray Charter, of Lawrence Road, Biggleswade, addressed a meeting of Biggleswade Town Council this week to plead with councillors to keep away fishermen who travel hundreds of miles to the river and make it for town residents only.

But after a lengthy discussion with issues brought up about how it would be policed the authority agreed to defer the matter and will liase with Sandy Town Council, which runs a similar scheme.

Mr Charter, 62, said: "The reason I approached the town council is because I am becoming increasingly aware that the river is becoming very popular.

"People are travelling from as far away as Birmingham to come to the river and it means local anglers cannot fish because there are so many people coming from miles away.

"I feel that if we don't do something before long the townsfolk of Biggleswade will have nowhere to go."

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