United States Leads Bait Revolution

In next week's Angling Times carp angling maestro Frank Warwick is lifting the lid on a new bait tactic which he believes will revolutionize both the specimen and match fishing worlds.


Frank discovered the new tactic whilst fishing in America last summer and since returning to the UK has banked a string of big fish to over 40lb using it.


He has generously decided to share the secret with UK anglers starting with his appearance on Keith Arthur's Sky Sports programme Tight Lines to be aired on Sky Sports 3 at 7pm tonight (Friday, February 8) and repeated at various times tomorrow.


Frank told Angling Times’ carp reporter James Furness about how he stumbled across the new baits.


"When I saw how effective the method was I couldn’t believe it. The Americans have a totally different way of thinking about carp fishing than we do and they certainly know how to catch fish," said Frank.


By using common, everyday supermarket products US carpers have been producing a wide variety of feed and hookbaits for a range of fishing circumstances which, when combined with advanced UK tactics and methods, are sure to boost the average carper's armoury tenfold.


"If you're a carp fishing enthusiast, this week's episode of Tight Lines could change your life forever!" claimed programme presenter and AT columnist Keith Arthur.


Check out Sky Sport's Tight Lines.


And pick up next week's Angling Times for more details of Frank's exciting secret (on sale Tuesday, Feb 12).