Underwater video takes a step forward

The long awaited 820c Underwater Video Viewing System makes it’s big debut to UK anglers exclusive from Sanderson Environmental the under water technology specialists…

Sanderson Environmental the UK ‘s Underwater Technology Specialists have just launched an exciting new under water video viewing innovation which is already making big impressions with the nation’s anglers.

The 820c offers the very latest in under water video viewing technology and is packed with some really amazing technology to bring the secret world of fish and aquatic wildlife direct to the angler on live video.

New leading edge video technology transmits under water footage down a special video enabled sony camera cable to a high definition 8 inch flat panel display screen that the angler views from the lakeside. The 820c is housed in a water resistant case, anglers simply deploy the camera into the water, turn on the underwater lights and monitor, to view high quality clear video footage of fish life UP CLOSE in their natural environment.


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