Two Tone sets standard again


The British carp record has been broken for the second time this year with the capture of the mighty Two Tone at a colossal weight of 67lb 14oz.

Kent-based rod Oz Holness banked the huge mirror, which has piled on almost 1lb since it was caught back in April by John Bird, after a successful 18-month campaign on the difficult Mid Kent Fisheries’ Conningbrook venue.

Rather than adopt the single hookbait approach favoured by many of the regulars on the 38-acre venue, Oz, who lives locally, decided to fish over large beds of feed.

It’s an approach he used successfully on a previous water, and his determination was rewarded just a few weeks into his Conningbrook campaign when he banked one of the lake’s large residents, known as the Dolphin.

By keeping a regular supply of the boilies going in, Oz continued to catch consistently and just a couple of weeks ago banked a 25lb common from a 10ft silt channel he’d located at 30yds between two weedbeds. It was this area which ultimately provided the 36-year-old with his new pb and British record.

“I decided to keep some bait going into the spot and then on my latest session I received a massive liner on the first morning, so I wound my rods in to let the fish feed undisturbed before recasting and firing out 50 freebies in the evening,” he explained.

“The next morning I had three single bleeps which then melted into a real ‘one-toner’, but after five minutes it weeded me up solid and we reached a stalemate. I took to the boat with Paul Marsh, who had been in the swim next door, and once we got above it I could see the unmistakable tail of Two Tone break through the weed.

“My legs started to go at this point and the fight then continued for what had to be the longest 30 minutes of my life as it towed from one weedbed to another. Eventually, though, I got the upper hand and Paul netted it first time. On the bank I was stunned when the scales read 67lb 14oz.” Oz fooled the country’s biggest carp with a snowman boilie presentation incorporating Active Bait Solutions GMZ boilies, presented on a size 6 Korda Longshank X hook.