Two Giant Carp in 24hrs!

Siam Fishing Tours, guided UK carp angler Lloyd Gay to what is probably one of the most impressive accomplishments of any carp angler in recent history. Two 100LB+ Giant Siamese Carp, with a combined weight of over 239lb (one at 117LB1oz and the other at 122LB3oz) both landed within IGFA rules, and both exceeding the current world record of 52kg, landed less than 24hrs apart. Lloyds biggest Carp at an amazing 122LB3oz Caught on 25th November 2007 at around 5.45pm Lloyd found himself booked in for the fishing trip of a lifetime as a surprise organised by his partner Linda and his Nephew Glenn Clayton, as a 40th Birthday Present. Jules Fernandez of Siam Fishing Tours had this too say about their experience. “I received an enquiry from Lloyd’s partner via E-mail less than a fortnight before their arrival date, asking me if it was possible to take a booking at short notice, and whether or not it was realistic to expect to catch their 3 target species inside the 6 days of their trip. The fishing in Thailand certainly tends to go beyond most peoples expectations, but even I was surprised at the result from their six day stint, that culminated in the capture of these two massive carp. LLoyds Biggest Carp Caught on 25th November 2007 at around 5.45pm I came out to Thailand with a strong motivation of trying to prove to myself and others that the Giant Siamese Carp is not only a worthy target for the UK carp enthusiast, but also to put to rest my own doubts about some of the story’s and anecdotes that have been published in the angling press around the world about this species from time to time, I wanted to see the big fish with my own eyes, and try and understand why it’s claimed they are so difficult to catch and land. In addition I‘m sure it frustrates all those in the guiding business in Thailand, that many western angler‘s either don‘t believe these fish can grow so large, or that it‘s not a “true“ carp, when in fact it is without a doubt the most impressive species of carp of all, and I’m sure now Lloyd will be telling everyone at his local lake in Norfolk his amazing story for many years to come, which will be good for the fishing scene here in Thailand. The Giant Siamese Carp is certainly as shy and wily as our carp species in the UK and Europe, and this combined with the fact few carp anglers are putting this species on their radar at present means only a very few fish upwards of a hundred pound are ever hooked and landed fairly by westerners. However I always believed that it should be entirely possible for an experienced UK or Eurpean Carp angler who is used to doing battle with wily carp, to land a large specimen fair and square. In addition to the fact European Carp anglers understand how carp fight, we have been experimenting with some UK angling tactics as far as bait and rigs are concerned and this has seen a dramatic increase in the number of takes our clients get from the Giant Siamese Carp of late. Lloyd by hooking up with these two massive fish in 24hrs proves two things for us. The Giant Siamese Carp can be played fairly, even in Bungsamran with all its obstacles and be beaten, and the new flavours and rigs we are using are paying dividends. Lloyds first fish was a little smaller at 117LB1oz! hooked around 5.30pm The record is here to be taken for this carp species for anyone willing to devote a little time to the task, (Jule's points out that no carp angler would you consider just a days fishing as a serious effort on thier local carp venue, so why just fish a day on a Thai lake, book a proper fishing holiday!) and who keeps their cool once into one of the larger specimens, now we have experienced this as fact, and not simply a hunch that we had, Siam Fishing Tours will be ensuring we have all the necessary elements in place to register a record over the coming year should our customers wish to do so. With Lloyd’s help, who I might add played both fish beautifully the myth that such large specimens are so arduous to catch fairly has been truly put to rest in my own mind after less than a year of being in operation as a guiding service.” For their 6 days fishing an approximate tally read as follows:- TOTAL WEIGHT OF ALL FISH CAUGHT OVER 2000KG (yes 2000 not 200!) TOTAL NUMBER OF FISH CAUGHT OVER 200 A TOTAL of 17 species caught on rod and line in the 6 days including:- 4 Giant Siamese Carp to 122LB 3oz 150+ Mekong Catfish to 102LB 9oz 5 Arapaima to 60lb Glenn & Lloyd will be distributing their full story to a number of UK Carp magazines shortly. The stats Are truly impressive.

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