Tubertini UK Spanish festival results

The first of the Bi-Annual Tubertini UK Spanish festivals this year was won by England teamster Steve Gardener.

The festival held over a 11 Day period from 19th -29th May saw some of South East England’s top Open-Match anglers, travel to Lake Arcos in Southern Spain.

England team angler Steve Gardener headed the 30 plus anglers, including top anglers as Browning man Dave Vincent and twin brother Mick, Garbolino man Martin Hallford defending his last May win, Preston Delcac’s Zak Brown plus father and son team Barry and Peter Upperton to name but a few. 

The festival this year based on 5 out of 6 matches (dropping the worse score) kept the scores tight, Team Tubertini angler Simon Dyball headed the leader board into the final Match, followed by Steve Gardener and Essex Taxi Driver George Knight.

In fact any of the Top 6 in the league table could have won the overall title.

The 2007 May winner, Martin Hallford (Garbolino) was out of the running, finishing unlucky 13th.

The final victory went to Steve Gardener who fished Pole tactics 8 –12 metres out, with an average depth of 8ft in some sections; it seemed the better way to go than the feeder. Sweetcorn presented on choice hook sizes, was always the best way to go from past proven festivals.

However, Team Tubertini man Simon Dyball proved crumb feeder and corn at 25 metres, was just as prolific as he became top overall festival weight of 586lb 13oz.

Finishing runner-up after his worse score deduction Simon equalled Steve Gardener's solely Match win, Simon’s lesser Match placing was not enough to take the First Place Trophy as well as the Top prize money.

George Knight’s good Peg draws proved useful as he had 2 of 3 match wins in the first half of the festival, with again pole/feeder tactics, however succumbed to unfavoured pegs second time around and finished his festival 3rd overall on equal 49 points to Simon Dyball but a lesser weight of  540lb 8oz.

The top ten anglers of the league table were within 8 points at their final score. Brownings Dave Vincent finishing his festival debut in joint 7th to Tubertini rod Mick Wallis.

Dave Vincent’s “Can’t wait till September- got the place sussed” had an enjoyable 5th Match Section win of 97lb 12oz.

Top net weight went to Team Tubertini man Ian Harper with 144lb mainly using pole tactics 9-10 metres out with sweet corn and a cupping kit, Ian swooped to a lead, that no-one could catch in the 6 hour match.

Eventually 18 medals were awarded to the first 3 section places for 3 Sections of 6 Matches; 6x Daily Match win trophies and 3x Final Placing, all had received prize money as well as separate pools, Tubertini UK had sponsored the event by supplying Terminal tackle and Baseball Caps which were gratefully received.

Finally the Tubertini festival seems to have a 95% return rate, so early booking for the September festival is advised. All enquiries should contact Match organiser Wayne Worts
On 07890-025117 or co-ordinator Glenn Walsh on 07801-681233.

Final Placings:-

1st Steve Gardener (Milo)        51pts (488lb 6oz)
2nd Simon Dyball (Tubertini)   49pts (588lb 3oz)
3rd George Knight                  49pts (540lb 8oz)
4th John Hunt (Tubertini)        48pts (527lb 8oz)
5th Zak Brown (Preston Del)    47pts (427lb 10oz)
6th Ian Harper (Tubertini)       45pts (526lb 6oz)