Try this Coarse Fishing Reckoner before you go

Have you ever wondered whether the weather conditions will affect your fishing? Do you think that the previous night's moon phase might stop the barbel feeding or the drop in barometric pressure might put the carp off?

Well now you need worry no more, as a new website has been created that can help you pick the right species to target given any weather condition...

Mark Gaster, a 55-year-old Hastings-based angler, has been collating results of his fishing trips together with details of the prevailing weather conditions for the last eight years to come up with a computer programme that predicts which species is most likely to be feeding over the next five days.

And now he has made it available to anglers so that they, too, can target the right fish.

By feeding the appropriate information into the programme, such as wind direction, weather conditions, air and water temperature, air pressure and moon phase, it will then tell you which fish are most likely to feed so that you can make an informed decision about where and when to fish.

"I've been field-testing the programme for over three years now and it really does work very well ­ it has definitely helped me to catch more consistently since I started using it," claimed inventor Mark, who advises people to use the BBC website's five-day weather forecast to find the necessary data to feed into his computer model.

To visit Mark's fascinating site, click HERE.