Top match angler Neil Machin joins Bag’em!

Top-flight commercial match angler Neil Machin has joined forces with Bag'em Baits.

Neil said: "For some time now I have had the desire to make products that will really help my fellow anglers capitalise on the fish in their swim. I started off with my new ‘Method Mould’ marketed by Garbolino and now, after discussions with the new kids on the block ‘Bag’em Matchbaits, I am about to enter a new exciting time in my fishing career."
"There are so many baits on the market that don’t quite fit into the matchman’s niche for many reasons, but I believe with the backing of Bag’em Matchbaits this could be a thing of the past.
Right now I am spending time at the Bag’em factory producing brand new products for the serious and not so serious match angler. These will be the baits that I and many of my friends use and not just endorse.
From the start of our discussions the quality aspect has been at the forefront and neither myself nor Bag’em Matchbaits are willing to compromise on this issue. I am certain you will be seeing baits that really work in all situations in your tackle shop very soon."
"I would like to thank Dynamite for their support over the last 12 months."

"This agreement with Bag’em is for the long term and is one which gives me freedom to continually develop baits for today's and tomorrow's market. I hope you will like what you see."

If you would like further information about Bag’em matchbaits go to or call them for a free brochure on 0845 8811234.