The Hulk Spearheads Fantasy Fishing

Legendary wrestling superstar Hulk Hogan is spearheading a new Fantasy Fishing game which carries a top prize of $1m.


The game mirrors the Walmart FLW Tour schedule and Forrest Wood Cup, the most prestigious competitions in American bass fishing and points are scored on a player’s top 10 anglers finishing positions.


You can enter the game, which carries a total prize fund of $7.3m, free. To register log on to


Angling Times reporter Ben Fisk was allowed a 10 minute phone interview with Hulk Hogan to talk about the new venture.



AT: Good afternoon Mr Hogan, can we call you Hulk?

HH: Sure.


You’re supporting Fantasy Fishing but are you a keen angler yourself?

I go deep sea fishing, mainly for Marlin in the day and Shark at night. I’ve had bull shark to 500lbs and some big tiger sharks, but they are very aggressive fish. We fish from my 30ft boat on the West Coast of Florida and the Gulf of Mexico.


What is it about fishing for you?

It’s a great leisure time activity where you can wind down in the middle of the ocean and take the kids. There’s no T.V and I can sneak my rods out on my days off. I’ll be able to spend more time on the water when I retire.


Any ideas when this will be?

I have lots of things going on and there are great opportunities coming up all the time. There’s the new series of American Gladiator which will be hitting U.K screens soon and Vince McMahon has been in touch recently trying to get me back in the ring.


How big are fantasy sports in America?

It’s a huge activity, but more people go fishing than go to watch basketball or baseball so this will be a great success. There are 45 million anglers in America and 25% of these are women. It’s something that the whole family can do.


Do you think the huge prize fund on offer will attract non-anglers?

Absolutely. It will encourage people to take up fishing once they realise just how big the sport is. But even if you don’t want to go out there and catch fish, you still have the chance to become a millionaire in your own living room!


Is there the potential for tournament fisherman to become as big as pro-wrestlers?

Why not? The prize money is increasing and events are getting bigger and better all the time. Some anglers are regarded as super stars already.


With Fantasy Fishing, Fantasy Football and other fantasy games, is there a danger of our world becoming too cyber?

Lots of things are internet based and everything is becoming more cyber. It’s the direction we’re going in and a sign of the times, its 2008.


They’re saying that HulkAMania has hit fishing. How did the term come about?

It was a brand name when I first started working with Walmart. I launched an energy drink and a sandwich range that were healthier and bigger than anything before and Walmart realised how powerful the image of my bald head and big moustache was. The term has stuck with me since.


What’s the best wrestling match you’ve ever been a part of?

Wrestlemania 3 against Andre the Giant. Andre was 7ft 4ins tall and I took him with a clothesline, a scoop slam and a leg drop.  If any moment made my career it was this. We also broke the attendance record as it was viewed by 95 million people.


Finally Hulk, would you have beaten Big Daddy or Giant Haystack?

I’ve met them briefly and watched them wrestle but I’m sure that HulkAMania would have finished them off…