The best long-range bream rod for ages


If bream are set to become the new carp as many top anglers are now suggesting, the only major problem I can foresee is being able to get at them!

In my experience the bigger they grow, the further away from the bank these fish generally tend to hang out.

This can mean your standard feeder rod is well short of the mark when it comes to putting your hookbait in front of them.

Shimano is already on the case and has just launched a new Beastmaster 12ft 6ins Commercial Distance rod which looks perfect for the task.

Unlike the rest of the Commercial Beastmaster range, this distance rod is a three-piece as opposed to a two, and it will cover a multitude of feeder tasks.

The quiver eyes are of larger profile, so you can use shockleaders when fishing at distance.

Although it’s called a Commercial Distance rod, don’t be fooled into thinking that this is just another beefed-up carp feeder rod. The blank itself is very close to being the ultimate long cast bream tool, with its sweetly progressive tip/ through mid-section action, and cast-enhancing butt section. It has the capacity to throw feeders up to 4oz around, although I wouldn’t recommend that you use it for big Method feeders.

When fitted with the supersensitive No2 tip this rod becomes what is the best bream tip rod I have handled for a very long time.

My only reservation is the shortened handle, that feels a little bit too short if you’re about to wind it up and go for the big chuck, as there is a reduction in hand speed as you pull the handle down on the cast. Don’t let this put you off, though – once you’ve got used to it you’ll hardly notice.

Matching the Commercial Distance rod with the new midsized Shimano Ultegra XSB reel takes you into long-range heaven, and it should add yards to your casting potential. The mini big-pit reel really is the smoothest of operators, with its four shielded A-Rb’s and one roller bearing providing faultless operation.

It also has a line lay so impeccable that it looks as though your mum ironed it on for you.

With a 5.3:1 retrieval rate, matched with a gearing system that would winch up a sunken boat, the Ultegra XSB makes casting and retrieving a feeder around all day child’s play.