The alarms we couldn't kill


Don’t be fooled by the miniscule size of this alarm – it’s one tough customer.
Extremely rugged and constructed from high-impact ABS, it is said to withstand being totally immersed in water…or frozen.

As our pictures show, we put this bold claim to the test and froze the alarm on two separate occasions – after leaving it on a lake bed for a day and then dropping it on to rocks.

The result? Nothing – it still worked every time we had a run from a fish.
The invention of Romford-based carp anglers Darren Henwood and Tom Wright, of Advanced Technology Tackle, the ATTs V2 alarms are the result of two years of meticulous development.

And the finished product may shock some anglers as these tiny, matt black alarms don’t feature any knobs, buttons, switches, dials or speakers either.

“Following endless talks and consultation with many anglers of all levels, ability and experience, it became apparent that there was a need for a small, tough, 100 per cent waterproof indicator without all the knobs and buttons and functions that were rarely, if ever, used,” revealed Darren.

Part of the waterproof aspect comes from the fact that the alarm head has no internal speaker system, so there is no sound emitted from the head.

All bite indication sound comes from the receiver unit and not from the alarm head.
Here’s a closer look at the complete system, which is distributed by Gardner Tackle.

ATTs V2 Alarm Head

One of the first things you will notice about the rubberised finished alarm head is its size.

It’s not only very petite and would easily fit into just the palm of your hand, but it also weighs in at mere ounces - and that includes the battery.

But, as the head unit has no external switches how do you turn it on and off ?
Well another key feature of the ATT’s head system is something called an Intelligent Hard Cover.

Quite simple and ingenious, you place the Intelligent Hard Cover over the alarm head and it disables the battery putting the alarm into its off mode.

To re-activate the alarm head unit, just take off the cover and you’re ready to fish.

ATT V2 Receiver

The concept is that the V2 Alarm incorporates a remote speaker that is married up with the V2 receiver that provides you with your indication.

The outer casing of the V2 receiver is made from the same high impact ABS material as the alarm heads, and can operate up to five V2 alarm heads.

It features five, 30-second latching standard coloured LEDs in red, green, white, yellow and purple, and incorporated within the receiver unit are several highly unique characteristics such as Total Recall which alerts the angler to previous activation.

Other key features include 10 user-selective tones varying from high to low, and an adjustable volume and vibration mode usage.

Car security too!

If you think that lot is impressive, then prepare to be amazed because the receiver has also been developed to function as a vehicle security system that can be operated at the same time as the alarms are in use when fishing.

This comprises a Pager Transmitter that can be installed into the vehicle and is triggered by the opening of any of the doors, sending a signal directly to the receiver.

Upon activation, all the LED lights flash continuously and the unit emits a siren sound.

In addition to Pager Transmitter, there is also an Ultrasonic Detector device designed to detect air movement inside the vehicle, such as movement caused by a broken window.

The pager Transmitter is the key component in the security system and you have to have this fitted in order for the Ultrasonic detector to work.