Take the pain out of poles


Could this new invention from Daiwa be about to change the way we all polefish?

The Pro Balance System (PBS) is quite possibly the most advanced polefishing accessory since the invention of the spray bar.

Formed from a moulded, expanded high-density soft foam covered with Neoprene, the PBS pole support is worn as a sleeve from mid-arm to wrist. The adjustable Velcro straps mean one size fits all.

It does feel a bit bulky when first f itted, but it is very light and comfortable and you soon get used to wearing it.

Extensively field-tested by William Raison, the pole sleeve is claimed to help the landing of fish, especially on the bigger pole sections, by reducing stress as you grip.

“It will transform your pole handling technique, especially at long lengths,” said Will.

“It’s what match anglers have been looking for. You won’t believe how good it is until you try it.”

Shipping the pole is easy and trouble-free as the arm grip is light and manoeuvrable, giving you enhanced handling control with just one arm. It also protects the elbow when fishing long, and there is less chance of cracking a section with your elbow when striking.

The PBS offers stability to the pole in windy conditions, enabling you to make a more accurate strike.

Having used the support sleeve, I reckon it will be a real aid when you’re fishing long from 14m-17m. By reducing pressure on the elbow joint, fishing long poles is far more comfortable. The enhanced stability of the PBS will also undoubtedly help when having to cope with windy conditions.

Expect to see it in the shops in the coming weeks.