Say hello to the UK’s grumpiest Anglers


Everyone enjoys the peace and quiet which comes with a day on the bank, but the methods used by one group of fishermen to preserve their tranquillity have helped them gain the unwelcome tag of ‘Britain’s grumpiest anglers’.

Bedfordshire-based rods John Blastock and brothers Gareth and Wink Wilcox became so irritated with regular interruptions from passers-by that they opted to create a series of signs instructing others to leave them alone.

Examples of the unusual warnings include ‘Please do not disturb – this is the one day each week I get to enjoy my own company’ and ‘Please do not disturb – all I ask is to be left alone’.

“We get out on the bank for just one day a week and the last thing we want is to be pestered every two minutes by other people. We like to come across as being very grumpy and then we can decide whether we want to speak to the person or not,” explained John.

While John was the mastermind behind the idea, it didn’t take his fellow angling companions long to follow suit.

Wink Wilcox told Angling Times: “The signs are a great idea. At the end of the day, I’m here to fish and have a quiet day, not to chat to everybody!”

The mad keen angling trio, who make the effort to get on the bank every week come rain or shine – despite a number of debilitating medical conditions between them – fully believe that other anglers would love to have similar signs to deter nuisances.

Local tackle dealer Simon Carr has stepped in to help the crew sell the signs. He told Angling Times: “I’ve agreed to let the lads sell them in the shop and the profits will go to charity. It is a bit of fun, and anglers buy all sorts of stuff when they come in here, so who knows whether they will sell?”

If you would like to get your hands on a set of the warning signs, call Walkers Pitch on 01767 316700.