Say goodbye to tubing


Rubbix is a special form of liquid rubber just released by Aquaborne of Austria, which will have countless uses in the carp angling world.
It is supplied in 12ml bottles with a brush applicator. The primary use is to coat knots to eliminate the need for shrink tubing.
Once activated, the rubber goes rock hard. To do this you hold the coated knot in sunlight or any UV light source for 20 seconds, and then leave it to dry for about two minutes. If you don’t have access to UV light it takes approximately 30 minutes to dry.
When it is set, the rubber remains flexible and the big advantage over shrink tubing and tail rubbers is that it doesn’t break and split. Other applications include replacing anti-tangle sleeves, making helicopter rigs or even to fix the hook on a drop shot rig.
At present, you cannot get hold of this product in the UK but the firm is looking to make business contacts in the UK. Anyone looking to get in touch with the company should email