Record Perch Claim In Doubt

The recent 6lb 2oz potential record perch caught from the River Thames may never be a record due to claims it was caught illegally.

Captor Robert Townsend reported that he tempted the huge stripey while boat fishing in the mouth of Thames Ditton Marina.

But Angling Times was this week told by the marina's management that he was poaching inside their marina where there is a strict no fishing zone.

If the British Record Fish Committee believe that the fish was caught by someone illegally poaching a marina then it seems likely they would throw the record claim out.

Having spoken to three BRFC reps on the freshwater sub-group they all felt they would have to reject the claim if it appeared the captor had caught the fish while poaching.

Ian Epps told AT that 'dicey claims would undermine the committee's authority'.

Marina manager Ian Lord is insisting that a member of his staff spotted the the two anglers fishing inside their marina - which is plastered with 'No Fishing' signs - and asked them to leave, to which they received a rude reply and the anglers continued to fish.

"We've had a long-running problem with illegal anglers who think they can 'guest' inside the marina. Fishing is not allowed full stop," said Ian.

When we contacted Robert Townsend he insisted that he hadn't caught the fish inside the marina and that as far as he was concerned he hadn't done anything wrong.