Preston launch new match reel


Match legend Preston Innovations has revealed it will launch into the reel market in November.

Angling Times can this week lift the lid on the PXR fixed-spool reeel designed specifically for open and club match anglers.

Available in 3000 and 4000 sizes – float or feeder – the PXR is the culmination of four years of research into the market by Prestons.

Director Ricky Teale said: |“We have studied the market for some time and have been looking to create a unique product that could consistently be manufactured to a high standard.

“We have now created the PXR and have absolute belief in the reel. We are not trying to be Shimano or Daiwa and launch lots of reels in different price brackets. Our aim is to produce a quality product for anglers loyal to the Preston Innovations brand.”

Preston is pitching its 3000 and 4000 front drag reels at a competitive £69.99. For that money you get one spare spool, a choice of single and double handles, aluminium casing, and a silky smooth 11 ball-bearings, all stored in a Neoprene case.

“These reels will be avai lable throughout Europe,” added Ricky Teale.

“They have been designed for the UK open and club match angler and that’s where we expect to see the biggest following. We will do it our way and start by introducing controlled numbers of reels into the market place.”

AT has seen the reels and can report that they are very functional, no-nonsense high quality reels. Look out for a Live Test next month and expect to see the PXRs in the shops by mid-November.