Power when you need it


Tri-Cast is famed for powerful poles, so when its latest margin-tamer arrived I assumed it would live up to its billing and be a glutton for punishment – and I wasn’t wrong.

The six-section XRS 2K4 Power Margin has an elastic rating of 25+ and judging by the impressive thickness of the pole’s walls I wouldn’t argue with the guys at Tri-Cast that it can stop a rhino in mid-charge, never mind commercial carp.

I prefer not to use elastics of this strength, so I chickened out and opted for a hollow elastic rated between 16 and 20. I set this tight through just the big-bore power top so that the fish had as little chance as possible to make any snags – now I was all set to give it a proper workout.

The strength comes from Tri-Cast’s renowned XRS (Xtra Reinforced System) which utilises the same IM46 Carbon Fibre that Tri-Cast uses in its ultra-high-performance aviation products.

The peg I elected to fish could be reached easily with the full 9m of margin pole, and even with a Toss Pot mounted on the end it remained light and reasonably stiff.

At this length you’ll never find a margin pole that is as poker-straight as a 16m match pole, because they are built for different purposes. If you created a dead straight and rigid margin pole it would simply explode under the pressure, whereas a pole with a bit of bend in it will absorb that pressure evenly along its length.

It wasn’t long into the session at Magpie Lake, near Cambridge, before the float buried – and with several snags nearby and a bridge to contend with I wasn’t shy in trying to pull the fish away from trouble.

The XRS 2K4 hooped round into an impressive bend, and although there wasn’t much feeling at the end of the pole to suggest I was into a hard-fighting carp, the erupt ion in the swim suggested otherwise. The bend of the pole numbed the fight, and before I knew it the fish was in the net.

With a margin pole like this you don’t get the same sensation as you do when playing a fish on a normal match pole, but if you need a tool to haul fish away from snags and keep them in open water then the Tri-Cast XRS 2K4 Power Margin will certainly be up to the task, with plenty of grunt in reserve.

This whopper-stopper of a pole sells for £249.99.