Possible world record freshwater stingray captured

Having a wingspan of over 2.4m, and an estimated weight of 200kg, this giant stingray could be the largest ever caught on rod and line.

It was captured, after an hour-long battle by Coventry-based Tom Parker, from Thailand's Ban Pakong river. It took three more anglers to land the fish.

Tom used a 700g livebait set upon a 130lb wire trace and 100lb braided mainline together with a 6ft Penn Tuna Stick rod. A massive 1.5lb lead was required to hold bottom in the powerful flow of this massive river, which in parts is over one mile wide.

Tom usually trout fishes with fly tackle on home soil, but is a regular angling visitor to Thailand, with Fishsiam.com guided tours.

The prehistoric-looking giant stingray couldn't be weighed at the time of its capture, but photographs have been sent to the National History Museum and National Geographic Society to gain a true indication as to its weight.