Penn Sea League Final takes place this weekend

It's that time again folks. The UK's top 40 sea match anglers will be gathering at Silloth, in Cumbria, this Saturday 10th May, where they will battle to win the prestigious Sea Angler Penn Sea League Final.

The predominant species will be flounder, with perhaps dabs, the odd eel and if they're really lucky - some bass thrown-in too.

The match starts at 9.30am and ends at 1.30pm - so if you live nearby, why not come along and support the finalists?

Our very own Paul Fenech (from Sea Angler magazine) will be on the beach too, so don't forget to come over to say hello.

Sea Angler's contributing editor - Alan Yates - will also be there to make sure the whole event runs smoothly.

This could be a really good chance to see the UK's best match anglers in action.

Former world champ and the world's number 1 seed, Ian Golds, will also be competing for the prestigious title of Penn Sea League Champion.

It's got the making of a fiercly-contested event - and with the match being catch, measure and release, the fishing should be at a fast pace.

Hopefully, see you there...!