Nudd snubs England Vets team

Bob Nudd will not be gracing the international stage this July after he turned down a place in the England team for this summer’s Veterans World Championships in Portugal.

The four-times world champion’s full diary and fixture clashes means he couldn’t devote the time needed for the match – a call that has left National Federation of Anglers international events director Dick Clegg, who had Bob at the top of his team sheet, fuming.

“I’m not best pleased,” said Dick. “When Bob phoned to say he was pulling out at this late stage I just felt like resigning from the job. I can’t believe that someone who can find three weeks a year to fish in Ireland and here, there and everywhere can’t find a week free to fish for England and help the people and organisations that have helped him get where he is. That’s all I want to say on the matter.”

The team will now consist of Denis White, Ken Giles, Dickie Carr and Mark Addy, with Dick travelling as a reserve and Joe Roberts filling the manager’s role.

The decision was a tough one for Bob, as he felt he owed Dick and the NFA so much. However, with one of the busiest diaries in angling, his workload just proved too much.

“I’d love to have fished it but I’ve got so many other commitments, something had to give,” Bob said. “I’d shuffled dates around to try and fit the match in but it was just impossible. When Dick originally asked me the event wasn’t definite, and because I had so many other bookings that were, I had to give preference to these.”

However, after this apparent snub will Bob be given the chance to fish in the future?
“I hope so, but you just never know,” Bob admitted. “I owe Dick so much and I would certainly never let him down unless there was no other option. Hopefully he will not hold this against me when it comes to future events.”