Now's the time to get on the top

There can be few more exciting ways of catching fish than off the top ­ and the warm weather has led to a string of mega-weight surface-caught catches.

One of the first anglers to take advantage of the fantastic floater action on offer was Andy Morley, who bagged an incredible 264lb 15oz mixed bag from Lakeside Fisheries, Notts, on dog biscuits.

The Beighton-based rod took his huge bag during an R&R Sports league match, when he beat the venue record by 7lb 8oz and his own personal-best match weight by a staggering 52lb.

All of Andy¹s 36 carp were taken after he decided to fish the pole with a mere 18ins strip of 0.19mm line direct to a size 14 hook which was baited with a single hair-rigged dog biscuit. In an attempt to remove any resistance, the 22-year-old rod opted to use no float on the simple, yet deadly, rig.

³It¹s one of those methods that will work wonders in the right conditions at venues where floaters are allowed. Now the temperatures are rising and the sun has started to show, it is the sort of tactic that will produce even more big bags in the next few weeks,² said Andy.

Introducing free offerings on a regular basis was key to Andy¹s big bag, and he added: ³I only fed about a pint of dog biscuits, but I was feeding two or three regularly. Once they got going I was as good as dropping my hookbait directly into their mouths as they came up to the surface.² Elsewhere, Sonu Baits-backed Dave Newman fished his sponsor¹s new floating oily pellets and managed to amass an impressive 205lb 7oz to break the match record at Hampshire¹s Greenridge Farm Fishery by 21lb.

The big weight came after Dave managed to induce a feeding frenzy from peg
15 on Canal 2 by constantly trickling the bait in.


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