Nisa feeders Plastic Open End feeders

These feeders are made from polypropylene, which makes them very strong ­ they will certainly withstand being thrashed about in a landing net head by big carp. They are a simple open-end design that will also score highly when targeting bream on rivers and stillwaters.

The feeders have a ring link built into them. This offers a slight degree of cushioning on the cast, and helps to prevent crack-offs on big casts.

Attached to this there is a swivel and snap link, which enables you to quickly change feeders.

Four sizes of feeder are available in various weights. The Mini and Small feeders are available in 12g, 20g, 28g and 44g sizes. Medium feeders come in 16g, 22g, 28g and 44g versions, and the Large sizes can be bought in 20g, 28g, 44g and 60g sizes, all at one price.


Price: 95p each