New jelly-like fishing bait could take angling world by storm

It’s not very often that a genuinely new idea surfaces in angling, but mail order bait company Teme-Severn can make the claim following the launch of its innovative Shape-A-Bait.

The increasingly popular Brierley Hill, West Midlands outfit has created a jelly-based bait with similar properties to luncheon meat, which anglers can easily prepare themselves.

The firm, rubbery bait is available in the company’s popular Lamprey and Lamprey and Spiced Liver flavours, but unlike with your average tin of meat, anglers can change the consistency, colour and flavour of the bait at the preparation stage to tailor it to suit their own needs and ensure they’re fishing a unique hookbait.

Shape-A-Bait, the brainchild of Teme angling guide Dave Mason, is already catching barbel despite being hot off the production line. And a glance, a sniff and a prod will be enough to convince any angler that they’re looking at a product that will catch numerous different species, from match carp to small river chub.

“Dave has been perfecting the recipe on Teme barbel for four or five years,” explained Teme-Severn boss Steve Hitch.

“This bait is as effective as boilies in the sense that you can colour and flavour it yourself but, unlike boiled baits, you can change which size and shape of hookbait you’re using while fishing,” he added.

Large cubes, small diced ones, torn strips, various sized punched barrels – the sky’s the limit when using Shape-A-Bait.

And it really is extremely easy and foolproof to prepare (see our instruction panel). All you need is a kettle and a fridge, plus a cool bag to store it in on hotter days. It can also be frozen to use later if you have some left over after a day’s fishing or if you want to prepare a stock of it.

“I can’t tell you what’s in it, only that every ingredient is human grade, so it won’t harm fish. You could eat it if you wanted to, but I wouldn’t advise it,” said Steve.

“We’ll have another four or five flavour combos coming out over the next six months, or anglers can just experiment themselves,” he added.

For more information on Teme-Severn products and its mail order service, visit the website at or call 01384 77756 for a copy of its catalogue.