New Fox rods out mid-summer

MIRRORS to 28lb, grass carp to 20lb and giant sturgeon – that’s what Mark Pollard has been catching on the new Fox feeder rods set for launch this August.

Polly has been busy for the past eight months pushing the carbon to the limit on UK waters and heavily-stocked big-carp lakes in France.

And the results speak for themselves, with a string of giants proving that the Essex-based outfit has a potential winner on its hands.

The range features three feeder rods – the 12ft Warrior Method Feeder rod, a 12ft Warrior Heavy Feeder rod, and the all-round Warrior 12ft Power Carp Feeder.

All are produced on slim-profiled, high modulus blanks, and all three feeder rods are supplied with two push-in carbon quivertips of between 2oz and 4oz. They are expected to retail for around £74.99.

A two piece 11ft Warrior Pellet Waggler rod is also set to join the range, priced at £59.99.

Mark Pollard spoke exclusively to Angling Times tackle tester Mark Sawyer.
“The previous mid-priced Challenger match rods were a real success story for Fox.

“However, three years after their launch, developments in both rod building techniques and match tactics have evolved, and we needed to keep up with these advances,” said Mark.

“The new Warrior 11ft Pellet Waggler really is a great little rod for the price, and is sure to turn a few heads on the bankside.

“At the moment I am designing and developing a quality top-end range of commercial rods that should hopefully be ready for next season – but as I value my job, I am saying no more than that about them!” said Mark.

And what about market conditions for Fox Match this year?  

“Sales have been very good for Fox Match, in what is turning out to be a very difficult year’s trading conditions for most retailers.

“The new Fox MSB system 1 and 2 tackle boxes are  absolutely flying out, as are smaller niche items like Toss Pots and magnetic hook boxes,”  he added.